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Traffic Data Collection

FDSAZ has in depth knowledge of the traffic data industry and makes sure to utilize the newest technology in order to provide the most accurate data to our clients. Our specialty, Video Turning Movement Counting gives us the ability to provide our clients with verifiable data through archived video. With over 50 years of combined traffic data collection experience our firm far surpasses its competition. Because of our diversity within the industry we understand that every study is different and many may require special tasks. For this reason we have developed our services to be completely customizable to mold to the needs of our clients. We strive to provide the most detailed and accurate data at the most cost effective prices. The following is a list of studies that we conduct on a regular basis:


Video Studies:

Video Turning Movement Counts

Pedestrian Studies

High Volume Pedestrian Studies (theme parks, casinos)

Traffic Signal Optimization Programs

Traffic Infraction Studies

License Plate Studies


Pneumatic Tube Studies:

Average Daily Traffic Volumes                                       

Vehicle Classification Studies                                         

Vehicle Gap Studies                                                          

Vehicle Speed Studies

Weight-in-Motion Studies


Manual Studies By Field Technician: 

Pedestrian Gap Studies

Spot Speed by Radar

Turning Movement Counts

Parking Lot Studies

Parking Duration Studies

Roll-Over Rate Studies

GPS-Travel Time Studies

Travel Time Studies

License Plate Studies


Pricing & Options

When it comes to traffic studies every project is unique. We have developed our services to be completely customizable which makes the price vary for each situation. For a quote please call us at 1.520.316.6745 or to submit an online inquiry click HERE.




















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