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Featured Pneumatic Technology: Pico Count 2500

The PicoCount 2500 is an automatic traffic counter used by our Field Technicians to collect vehicle traffic data on roadways. It collects data from one or two road tubes (rubber hose) stretched across the road. It can be used to collect data for traffic volume, vehicle classifications, and/or vehicle speeds. The shear size of the Pico Count 2500 is what makes it stand out from its competition, weighing in at only 7 ounces!

The PicoCount 2500 uses new and cutting edge technologies to bring forth the best counter on the market. Since they are using components with new technology and high availability, they are able to offer their counter at a very reasonable price. Their counter design is a "life of product" design, meaning that there is no battery replacement and no repairs. The unit is completely sealed and cannot be opened, making it extremely weather resistant.

The PicoCount 2500 timestamps all hose hits. It can be used for volume studies or for classification/speed studies. The Pico software has FHWA and AustRoads classifications schemes built-in, and it allows for complete customization of the schemes or creation of new schemes. The Pico Count 2500 is our go to source for accurate pneumatic tube studies. For more information on the Pico Count 2500 please visit their website at: VehicleCounts.com



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