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Featured Manual Technology: Jamar TDC Ultra Counterboard

Jamar data collectors are known worldwide as the best, most effective way to manually collect traffic data. Each of our Field Technicians utilizes the TDC Ultra Counterboard which is the single most powerful hand-held data collector in the world today. This counterboard gives our Field Techs the ability to perform over 10 different types of traffic studies from the most common studies like turning movement counts to the more in depth studies like signalized intersection delays.

The Ultra is designed to make collecting turning movement data easy and accurate. The buttons are arranged to simulate a standard intersection. There are 16 buttons with 12 normally used for the left, through & right movements from each of the four approach directions. The additional 4 bottons are user-defined and can be for classifying bicycles, pedestrians, horseback riders or whatever the study requires.

Jamar Technologies continues to develop the best counterboards for manual traffic studies and they are a key factor in the accuracy of our manual data. Find more info on Jamar products by visiting their website at: JamarTech.com

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